Unisource Energy Services

Residential Construction

Electric Service Application

Do you have everything you need to fill out this application?

   -Panel size (Planned Amps)

   -Contact Information (Responsible Party: Owner or Contractor)

   -Billing Information (Responsible Party for the Electric Bill)

   -Address for the Project (Project Site Information)

   -Parcel Number

   -Township, Range and Section

   -Tract, Block and Lot (Lake Havasu District)

   -KW information for Solar installs

Ready to attach (PDF only) or send once the Application has been processed?

   -Electrical Site Plan

   -Electrical One Line Diagram

   -Electrical Load Calculations

   -Electrical Service Cable Size and Quantity

   -Electrical Panel Schedules

Failure to provide all the information requested will lead to a delay in your application being processed.